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"Linda provides an excellent service for those who love to shop and want the latest styles, and for those who are uncertain what to shop for, or what to wear. She will also organize your closet, or shop for gifts for a loved one. I think a gift certificate for Linda's services is a great idea for a spouse or friend for birthday or holiday.... !"

"Linda has a gift for finding the right clothes for women, which enhance your look professionally and personally. If you don't have time to shop for yourself, organize your closet, or you need help buying a gift for a significant other or loved ones, Linda is the one to contact. Not only did they get the clothes that made them look great, Linda is great at saving you money. I've seen the transformations and heard many testimonials of very happy costumers!"

"I hate to shop and desperately needed to add to my wardrobe. Linda took me shopping and helped me find several basic wardrobe additions. She knows the various shopping areas and the pros/cons of each specific retailer. Linda made a dreaded shopping trip enjoyable and easy."

"Linda Clayton has bailed me out more than a few times regarding personal shopping. Her insight of buying the right thing is uncanny, as well as her speed. She knows my style as well as my children and completely focuses on a very personal level and gets it right 100% of the time. If I need clothes and do not have time to do it myself, I call Linda. So make it EASY and just call Linda."

"Linda has helped me transform from fashionably challenged to fashionably confident. My work and special occasions are no longer intimidating. They just give me an opportunity to put a great outfit together and enjoy myself."

"Linda takes the stress out of shopping and selecting outfits for special occasions and work. She made the whole experience fun and cost-effective. I always consult with Linda before important work presentations for help coordinating my outfits. I dread shopping, but Linda made it an enjoyable afternoon. I got more outfits for less money that I would have imagined."

"I rely on Linda for all the fashion needs for myself and my daughter.. Not to mention special events and holidays. I couldn't do it without her!"

"My wardrobe consultation with Linda Clayton was fabulous! In 4 hours she organized my closet, guided me in deciding which items to keep or dispose of, made suggestions on what I needed to enhance my wardrobe, and helped me create new outfits with the clothes I already have. Linda has a great eye and is conservative in what she expects you to dispose of and how much she expects you to spend on new items. The entire experience was both educational and fun!"
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